Ian Murdock at SVOSUG: The Movie

Posted on June 5, 2007

I’ve put up the video from the Silicon Valley OpenSolaris Users Group meeting last month when Ian Murdock discussed Project Indiana. I’m sorry but the video is in Quicktime h.264/AAC and will work great on Mac and Windows but probly not so well on Solaris… sorry, I don’t have an X86 iMovie plugin for DiVX. Anyway, its up, have a look at make your own judgments.

URL: http://cuddletech.bingodisk.com/public/SVOSUG-IanMurdock.m4v

At 90 minutes MiniDV tapes run out.. but you don’t miss anything, the audience keeps making points, largely about drivers untill people eventually just slowly start leaving because it gets late… there was no real “end” to the meeting.