JavaOne Wrap Up

Posted on May 14, 2007

JavaOne has come and gone… yet again. I’ll be honest, JavaOne really is the best show of the year. Its big, exciting, and frantic, just what a great show should be. So much is going on your constantly trying to figure out how you can get more in. Sadly I didn’t get to attend any JavaOne session, just a couple of the CommunityOne sessions. Here’s a hint:

The week was a busy one for me. I spent most of my time in the Pavilion at the OpenSolaris booth, spent some time in the Joyent booth in the Startup Essentials area, and spent the evenings working. On Wednesday I didn’t even get to the show, Joyent flew out Mark and Derek to have our quarterly Systems Meetup during the show and given that we were spending so much time at JavaOne we compensated by spending Wed in our planning meetings.

I’ve got to thank John Clingan for his mention of the Joyent Booth and Glassfish. His deductions are correct. We weren’t getting much action at the Joyent booth and that bummed me out because we are the best hosting solution for JavaEE developers who want to deploy with Glassfish (or Geronimo actually). Our hosting stack is 100% Sun, end-to-end, and we offer a low cost root-access VPS solution with enterprise options like F5 load balancing, SSL offload, and large storage offerings (Need 10TB? No problem.) We are known for our Rails deployments, but I really want to be the best infrastructure in the world for Java development and deployments. I run Glassfish v1 in my Accelerators and offer it pre-configured to anyone who asks (auto-installation solution shortly). So I asked Kristie Wells, Joyent PR, to put up a sign that said “Glassfish Hosting” and bet her $50 it would generate at least a 4 fold improvement in traffic. ….I’m still waiting for my $50.

Anyway, JavaOne has energy! I get pumped up. Seeing all the jRuby goodness really was an added bonus. I’m excited in really integrating all that I saw and learned into our Accelerator product…. I for one welcome our JavaFX Overlords. 🙂