Introduction to OpenSolaris @ JavaOne’s CommunityOne

Posted on May 2, 2007

The schedule is up for the CommunityOne Day at JavaOne. CommunityOne will run all day on Monday May 7th. I’ll be speaking at 11:05am as the first session in the OpenSolaris Track: Introduction to the OpenSolaris Operating System. Given the audience and the short time span this will be a high-level overview of OpenSolaris including our history, our community, our governance model, and a quick run through of what is what (SX:DE vs SX:CE vs BFU & Code, etc) and then spend most of our time going over a range of features in OpenSolaris including Zones, ZFS, SMF, Resource Control, and how all these things can work in tandem for deployments of your Java (or Ruby, or Python, or whatever) applications. DTrace will largely be skipped because it has its own session later.

This is NOT going to be a nitty gritty everything you ever wanted to know about Solaris talk… I’d love to do that but we just can only fit so much into an hour session, instead it will focus on what can be done, how people (such as all of Joyent’s customers) are using them today, and how you can get more information on specific features that your interested in. I highly recommend people who are deploying on Linux or BSD come by and just see what OpenSolaris can offer you and get some perspective on what it can offer you.

For those who can not attend, I’ll put my slides online the day of the event and possibly an audio recording.