Hang with Joyent and drink free beer!

Posted on April 24, 2007

I’m at the MySQL Users Conference today. Hangin’ out with the likes of Mikael Ronstrom and Monty. I’m in the Sun booth representing OpenSolaris and talking with all types of developers, CTO’s, and users many of which are still unaware that Solaris is open! In the booth we’re showing off DTrace probes in MySQL, which is awesome except for the fact that Sun legal won’t give the DTrace patch to MySQL! Monty said with absolute sincerity and determination that if MySQL gets the patch today it’ll be committed immediately. Users suffer because legal wants to fight. I don’t know what the issues are and don’t care, Sun legal should let engineers work together and benefit everyone.

Anyway, wanna hang out with Joyent, talk about the conf, Ruby on Rails, Containers, Solaris, or whatever? Come let us buy you some beer! Joyent is meeting tonight at 7pm at Faultline in Sunnyvale, just around the corner from the show. So come by, hang out, say hello and drink some Guinness. If in doubt, follow the guy in the kilt.