Using Java to Whip Kstats into Shape

Posted on March 26, 2007

Peter Tribble is one of the most legendary of Solaris administrators, if you’re a Solaris SA and you don’t know Peter’s name your just not paying attention. One of the reasons that Peter is such an amazing guy, besides his british wit, is how he uses Java like a chissle to naturally get things done. He’s written a wide variety of excellent tools and he’s just updated one of my favorite: jKstat.

Digging through Solaris kstats can be something of a chore, especially if you’re using kstats your unfamiliar with or especially if your new to them altogether. jKstats makes it an effortless task to discover new stats you didn’t know were there, quickly check values and even to graph out data rates in many cases. Hats off to Peter for yet another brilliant tool.