Slides for SVOSUG: Real World OpenSolaris

Posted on February 2, 2007

Here are the slides from my Silicon Valley OpenSolaris Users Group talk. Thanks to everyone who attended, listened in, or played along via Glynn Foster’s excellent IRC log of the event. I’m sorry I didn’t upload the slides prior or during the talk (like I said I would) but I couldn’t access the net from my MacBook in the room.

Questions or comments on the presentation are welcome. Because the crowd was so technical I chopped all marketing stuff out of the presentation, which I felt a little bad about because I would have liked to get people more interested in buying and using our containers than just with the technology and issues behind them. Future presentations, such as if I presented at BayLISA, will focus more on what you can do with the containers and less on the backend, but with Jeff Bonwick and the ZFS team on hand you tend to get technical. In addition to the ZFS guys, I’m thankful to Josh Berkus of Sun/PostgreSQL, Brendan Gregg and his lovely wife, Stephen Lau, Mike Kupfer, the fabulous Michelle Olson, and everyone else who attended.

The part I won’t forget was when I talked about my plans for Zones and iSCSI and the room was silent and everyone had this blank look of either A) disbelief, or B) shock. I took it as a sign that we’re really ahead of the cutting edge in our own rite. It was classic.

Visit the Silicon Valley OpenSolaris Users Group (SVOSUG) web page for information about past and future speakers. SVOSUG is, of course, the best and oldest OpenSolaris Users Group in the world. No bias. 🙂