Life at Joyent

Posted on November 6, 2006

We’re now doing a weekly podcast at Joyent: ps pipe grep. (No, I didn’t have anything to do with the name.)

Apparently Joyent is also doing a new weekly comic strip: Benr & Shanr… a strip that I had nothing to do with (as evidence by the fact that my “character” is wearing pants). The first time I saw it was in the blog like everyone else.

As for providing real content in this blog… I’m hoping to get back to it soonish. Part of the problem is that all my work is on OpenSolaris now and we’re going really powerful and unique things with the platform and while I want so much to blog about it, I’m limited in what I’m willing to share because its compedative advantage. Joyent isn’t the only company selling Solaris Containers, but we’re doing things in a very unique and powerful way but really digging deep into the power of OpenSolaris and putting various elements together in a really exciting way to form a total solution that goes far beyond just creating a zone and giving someone a password and we’re only at the beginning of whats really possible. Its really exciting.