Solaris 10 Update 3: No iSCSI Target For You!

Posted on October 8, 2006

In a strange turn of events, I logged into the Sun Beta site to start downloading the S10U3 Beta DVD ISO to my Joyent Jumpstart server so that I could load it onto my test Thumper and I see this message:

The inclusion of iSCSI Target Disk Support in the [thingy] was an error. This feature is not in S10 11/06 Beta and will
not be in S10 11/06 RR.

This is a massive bummer. Currently Joyent is running on OpenSolaris B43. I was seriously considering going back to Solaris, since everything we need would be in a properly supported release (iSCSI Target, RAIDZ2, Zone Cloning, etc)… but leaving out the iSCSI Target is a deal breaker. So, I guess we’ll be on OpenSolaris dev builds for a while longer.