WTF Dept: Brocade Acquiring McData

Posted on August 13, 2006

Apparently I missed the news this week, On August 8, 2006 we announced Brocade’s intention to acquire McDATA Corporation. Ummmmmmmm… what?

Now, I can understand this from the perspective that Fibre Channel is a market thats past its peak. Business are supposed to grow year of year and thats becoming very hard, especially when they are competing against each other and Cisco is peaking in its head ruining all the fun. So, in some small way, I guess it makes sense. But honestly, if it was going to happen I would have expected it to be the other way around. Brocade started strong in life and I love to this day my Silkworm 2800, but McData soon after took the crown and I didn’t see it unfolding this way.

Good? Bad? What will this mean? Lots of questions, very few answers. Frankly, if the next step isn’t to buy SANRAD the acquisition isn’t going to mean much except to really piss off customers on both sides. Buy SANRAD… buy SANRAD now.