LinuxWorld SF 2006: Next Week!

Posted on August 10, 2006

LinuxWorld is fast approaching. The show runs Mon-Thursday of next week, the expo floor is open Tues-Thursday. Want to go but can’t flip the cash? Get your free expo pass now and be there!

OpenSolaris will be at the show, yet again. But wait!!! Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but Solaris is taking over LinuxWorld. Yup. No one there focuses on Linux anyway, so lets just pull out that carpet all the way. Check out the Solaris action at the show:

  1. OpenSolaris: .Org Booth
  2. NetBeans: A NetBeans guru will be with us in the OpenSolaris booth
  3. PostgreSQL: .Org Booth (PostgreSQL is fully supported on Solaris)
  4. Many of the Xorg developers are at Sun and will be there in the booth
  5. Greenplum (Bizgres): PostgreSQL gone MPP, made perfect thanks to OpenSolaris and X4500 (Thumper), they have a show booth.
  6. Sun’s 3 New Workations!: Release next week, 3 new mystery workstations will be on display at the AMD Booth!
  7. Sun Studio: Also present in the AMD Booth will be some Sun Studio wizards
  8. … How many of us will have a Thumper for you to play with? How many Niagara’s will invade Moscone? No one can tell!

Oh ya baby, we’re taking over. We’re going to be displaying an entirely open stack, end-to-end, from the Niagara CPU design, to the Operating System, to the middle-ware stack, to the development platform, and we’re all going to be working together to help you pull all these peices together to fit your needs. No other vendor could pull everyone together like we’re doing. But whats most important, more important than the products themselves really, is that we’re all representing the communities of those efforts. We’re all working together and doing great things… come check that out.

So get your passes, come on down. I’m gonna have goodies because the many wondeful people in OpenSolaris Marketing (Teresa, Sara, Laura) love you guys and make sure your all getting the koolest swag available… hands down. Plus, there are a couple parties scheduled for the show, so stop by and find out for yourself and we’ll getcha ya in. And, in the likely event, all those parties or events suck, there is always The Chieftain Pub!

I want to really really try this year to bring back some of that old wonderful LinuxWorld excitement there used to be when we were in San Jose. We hung out together, we downed pints and pizza together, we had fun and used the event as not just a way to see other peoples projects and products but to socialize, be together and have a good time amongst our fellow geeks. I would love for some of that spirit to come back. I think OpenSolaris has some of that love in it, something that I think was squeezed and bled out of Linux a long time ago. Linux, OpenSolaris, who cares, we’re all doing great things and working to solve problems, we have more in common that we usually acknowledge, and problems are almost always easier to settle over pints and chips.

So drag your ass down to LinuxWorld and stop by. I’ll be the guy in the kilt.