Dear EMC: Stop calling me!!!

Posted on August 31, 2006

Remember the spam of the 90’s? Telemarketing. Unsolicited phone calls. Apparently EMC thinks they need a comeback. Every single week I get a phone call from EMC asking if I’ve talked to someone and if I’d like to get in contact with EMC. Several times I’ve even talked to sales people and explained why I think EMC should die a horrible rotten stinking death.

The calls that I get are on behalf of Miles King, Silicon Valley Sales Manager for EMC Storage. I’ve met Miles several times and he’s a really nice guy, very professional, and a wonderful human being. But the calls are driving me insane.

The upshot is that as of next week I won’t work here anymore and they don’t have my new contact information. Reguardless, if you have a buddy at EMC Sales, tell them to get their act together. I’ve gone up the chain trying to get EMC to record the list of people they call in a CRM or something, but perhaps they just don’t have a truely scalable storage solution and the data just isn’t being recorded… who knows. Die EMC, die.