A Time for Change: Joyent Bound

Posted on August 28, 2006

A change is due and my time has finally come. After several years at Homestead, I’m setting sails onward. Following Labor Day I’ll be working for Joyent. The gig has a lot to offer, including the fact that I’ll be working full time on putting OpenSolaris to work in production. That means that projects that are currently a sideline activity for me will become of full time importance and I’ll be able to spend more time contributing in general.

I think this will be a very positive thing for Joyent as well. They are the biggest public organization running OpenSolaris in production, and with me on board they’ll also have an employee with a large public involvment in the project as a whole, which will only increase the possible impact that both I and Joyent can have. Sadly, I’m not crystal clear on what I can and can’t say about what I’ll be working on, but its right up my line. Hopefully you’ll see lots of trickle down from my work there in this blog.

Joyent has a bunch of other advantages that excite me. For one, the company is small and nimble. They have 2 of the Ruby on Rails core developers on staff, and are 100% behind Ruby, which is a language that I’m using more and more all the time. But the company also has
a great family feel to it. I’m heading up to Joyent CEO David Young’s house in Marin for Labor Day to a BBQ with his family and some other Joyent employees. When we were sorting out the schedualing he asked if the timing would conflict with my kids naps… that might seem like a little thing to most people, but as a family man, that really says something special to me.

So, I’m working my last week with Homestead this week, which means they’re gonna work me to the bone finishing up long term projects and then next week I’ll be learning the ropes at Joyent, so expect things to be a little quieter around here in the next couple days. I also figure that after I’m on board I’ll probly be moving cuddletech from 1and1 to TextDrive, which will give me a lot of focus on what I’ll be doing, since I’ll be a customer myself and will motivate me to do whats best by all considered.