The Register Spoils the Tuesday Announcement: Sun Set to Super-Size

Posted on July 6, 2006

The Register has dumped what it can find about the Tuesday announcement: Sun to replace excuses with loads of Opteron gear. Here’s the forecast:

  • X4500: “Thumper”, the one we’ve waited for. Take a X4200, super-size it to 4U and then add 48 SATA drives… mix in the super secret ingredient (Solaris 10 Update 2, namely ZFS) and presto chango! Estimates are that a system with 16GB of memory and 12TB of storage will run you about $33,000.
  • X8n00 Blades: Sun’s blade solution is reborn! (Finally.) Long rumored and whispers, supposedly this is the time for them to arrive. “Andromeda” is the full-height version, and “Constellation” the half-height. Word is that the X8000 Chassis will be packed with X8400 blades.
  • X4600: Lastly, an 8 socket (can you say 16 core Opteron?). But, wait, haven’t we seen this already?

    There they are… now you can buy one too!

What troubles me though is that I don’t see anything about Honeycomb. This project was due about now, but perhaps is being pushed till later in the year. Either way, this will be a big announcement for Sun.

Oh ya… did I mention that I’ll be in San Francisco for the announcement? Its gonna rule! Took the day off work and everything, I can’t wait to hit it. My camera will be onhand for all the kool behind the scenes stuff you don’t see in the webcast.