Sun Ray Software 4 Update 1 Early Access

Posted on July 27, 2006

Sun is providing early access to Sun Ray Software 4 Update 1 – Early Access Release. On a sad note, its only available for Linux (RHEL and SUSE). Based on the notices it would appear that most if not all the improvements for Update 1 are specifically for Linux and thus why Solaris isn’t included in the EA release.

Just a reminder for those of you as forgetful as I am, “Sun Ray Software 4” is in fact (currently) Sun Ray Server Software 3.1 together with v1.0 of both the Sun Ray Connector for Windows and Sun Desktop Manager 1.0. So if your running 3.1 and excited about 4… its just one more of those wonderful Sun Marketing reminders that the ability to count or use logic isn’t actually a required job skill.