Praise for AnySystem

Posted on July 29, 2006

Before I leave on vacation I just wanted to publically thank Dave G and the wonderful people at AnySystem. Several people have been extremely kind and donated equipment to me here and there over the years (namely Nathan Ingersoll who donated 4 Sun Ray 1’s, Jeff Huber who donated some smart cards, and Jeffery Schmitz who graciously donated 2 JNI HBA’s four years ago), but AnySystem is the only company thats donated gear to me. In years gone by they sold A5x00 arrays cheap enough to allow me to write my Veritas KickStart Series and LuxParse, and in the last 2 years they donated a SunBlade 1000, a replacement 21″ CRT, and an Ultra2 to replace one of my dead cluster nodes. AnySystem has really gone above and beyond the call to help me continue to provide resources for the rest of the community and I am eternally greatful to them for all that they’ve done.