OpenSolaris: The Premier iSCSI Platform

Posted on July 5, 2006

Its happened… as seen in the Monday ON drop, the Solaris iSCSI Target has been integrated.
Download the code here.

I’ve been hacking around with the iSCSI Target as long as I’ve been able to get my grubby hands on it and find it really exciting. Solaris is now in the iSCSI drivers seat, with its own initiator and target implementation.

I big round of applause goes to Mr. Richard McNeal, at Sun, or as he might be better called: Mr. iSCSI. He’s the main man behind this wonderful addition and has worked hard on making this possible. Mr. McNeal, I salute you.

You’d better believe lots more coverage on this will be coming from cuddletech as I get my test enviroment up to the task.