BayLISA Special Event Thursday

Posted on July 10, 2006

Since so many of us are good Time Management students and we’ve done our 10 minute outline of the day this morning I thought I’d give you something to pencil into your week. BayLISA is having a special event this month on Thursday July 13th: “Not that kind of Networking” Networking Event. As stated:

Bring your resumes, your business cards, and mingle with your peers. If you have a persistent problem that is bugging you, see if anyone has any helpful suggestions.

A possibly interesting event for sysadmins and any companies looking to hire. Its at 7pm at Yahoo!, right next to Moffit Field in Sunnyvale, around the corner from WeirdStuff (which closes at 6pm). These events are typically held in the classrooms above the caf’ which is normally open late enough that you can get dinner right there and then go upstairs if you wish.