Amazon’s Downward Spiral

Posted on July 28, 2006

Whats up at Amazon? The Washington Post takes a look. I think these desprate lurches are going to just speed up the decline. I’m not sure why Amazon is so confused about what needs to happen… frankly its pretty simply to me:

  1. Amazon should be the online store. Its got the reputation but not the selection to prove it. If you want Books, CD’s or DVD Amazon works alright but if you look for other things you may find a pretty horrible selection.
  2. The online market place idea sucks ass. I hate thinking that I’m buying from Amazon but actually buying from John’s Bait and Cookware Shop. It damn near feels like bait-and-switch (no pun).
  3. Integrating other large brick-and-morter stores like Toys’r’us, etc, has never really been comforting. Frankly, Amazon should be Amazon and not stretch itself out.

I recently made a purchase from Amazon. 3 books and 1 CD… the shipment got split up into 3 shipments, I recieved the CD, then a week later 2 of the books, and finally after 3 weeks I canceled the 3rd book and bought it instead from Barnes and Nobel. Maybe its just my experiences with Amazon but they really need to get their act together and focus on what they already should do well rather than branch out.