New Top 500 SuperComputer List Released

Posted on June 28, 2006

Everyone loves big computers… especially me. So go wrap yourself in the June 2006 Top 500 List.

Interesting things are happening in the Top 10, here’s the bullet points imho:

  • IBM Has taken control of the top 3 slot on the list, with 2 BlueGene’s and a pSeries eServer p5 system comprised of 12,208 processors.
  • A Dell PowerEdge 1850, 3.6 GHz, Infiniband cluster utilizing 9,024 processors makes number 6 on the list.
  • Cray’s best showing is the AMD Powered Red Storm Cray XT3, an MPP configuration utilizing 10,880 2.0 GHz AMD processors.
  • NEC’s famous Earth-Simulator, installed in Japan, has fallen to number 10.

But… whats most intersting of all? At number 7: TSUBAME Grid Cluster – Sun Fire X64 Cluster, Opteron 2.4/2.6 GHz, Infiniband. Thats right… Sun’s officially in the top 10! This was announced in May. If you want the inside scoop, check out Marc Hamilton’s Blog and Pictures of the Cluster.

Go Sun!