Veritas Krash Kourse: The Who's Who of Vx Land

The Cuddletech Veritas Volume Manager Series

Ben Rockwood

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A broad overview of the Veritas Volume Manager, this course follows the RAID Theory course. The primary focus is to clarify the purpose and use of Veritas objects, the basis for volume building.

Table of Contents

Welcome to VERITAS!
Why I'm Doing This
VERITAS Volume Manager Documentation and Reference
VERITAS Volume Manager: An Overview
VERITAS Volume Manager and Vx Objects
VERITAS Object Creation
Special Notes on RAID0 and RAID5: Layouts
Volumes and Devices
Kernels and Daemons
Intro to Advanced Features
The Wrap Up


Welcome to VERITAS!

This course is the first step to learning the wild and wonderful world of VERITAS Volume Manager. This course is absolutely necessary for you to continue on to the future courses, and if you already know this stuff it's at least a good review.

Before we start, there are a couple of things you need to know about me (your humble narrator).

Why I'm Doing This

You may, or may not, be curious as to why I'd waste part of my life writing these courses. You may also have already noticed (from the preceding course) that I am not a professional instructor. Well, you're right: I'm not a professional instructor. I am, however, a UNIX systems admin who specializes in Sun Enterprise Storage Systems. I won't bore you with the story of how I got to where I am, but for several months I wanted to learn VERITAS, and no one could teach me more, and I couldn't afford classes. I begged my company to get me materials or a class on the subject to no avail. So, I learned VERITAS the hard way. I downloaded the manuals from Sun and studied them for a couple of weeks, before I got a contract that would let me actually experience VERITAS first hand. The bottom line here is that some of the concepts took days and weeks of rolling over and over in my head before I fully understood them. These documents, and the courses I teach, are my way of helping you get the most out of VERITAS and the VERITAS manuals the FIRST time you read them. Hopefully, you'll be understanding VERITAS in days or hours instead of weeks. This is my way of "giving back" to the community. I am not an "expert", nor is anyone an "expert". I'm just sharing the knowledge I've gained during the last year. My teachings have done well for many others that I've taught, so I hope you'll pick up a lot from these writings.

Now, on with the show!

VERITAS Volume Manager Documentation and Reference

These tutorials directly apply to the following docs:

  • VERITAS Volume Manager: Installation Guide (P/N: 100-001121)

  • VERITAS Volume Manager: Getting Started Guide (P/N: 100-001123)

  • VERITAS Volume Manager: Command Line Interface Administrators Guide (P/N: 100-001124)

  • VERITAS Volume Manager: Storage Administrator: Administrators Guide (P/N: 100-000954)

  • VERITAS Volume Manager: Administrators Reference Guide (P/N: 100-001125)

These are Sun part numbers. At the time of this writing these documents are not available on the web, and only available with the VERITAS VM 3.0.1 software itself. HOWEVER, you can find the VERITAS VM 2.6 documentation on To get the docs (available in HTML or PDF), go to Then click on "Browse By Collection". Then search down the list (toward the bottom) until you find "Sun StorEdge Volume Manager 2.6 AnswerBook". Click on that. Then you'll see three titles:

  • Sun StorEdge Volume Manager 2.6 User's Guide

  • Sun StorEdge Volume Manager 2.6 Storage Administrator User's Guide

  • Sun StorEdge Volume Manager 2.6 System Admin Guide

Notice, while you're there, the "Download PDF" option in the top right hand corner; great for printing.