OpenSolaris News

2/16/06: Hot off the presses, Solaris Express: Community Release Build 33 as well as the OpenSolaris B33. As usual, the source is mirrored right here at Genunix, download the tarballs or pull the source from our Subversion server. Additionally, Build 34 has been offered as a nightly code drop, download and build it against your OpenSolaris Build 33 system.

SchilliX has recently gotten a website facelift, featuring a snazzy new logo, and a new release based on B33: SchilliX 0.4.4.

Current Releases:

OpenSolaris Build 33
OpenSolaris Nightly B34 (2/14)
SX:CR Build 33
SX 2/06
SchilliX 0.4.4 (B33)
BeleniX 0.3 (B27)
Nexenta Alpha 2 (B30)

As of 2/17/06