Release: DR16.7.1 for Solaris9/Sparc Aug 17th, 2004
Last Update
Enlightenment DR16.7.1 Window Manger. [1.0M] CUDLenlightenment- 8/17/04
DtLogin (CDE) Configuration for E [Optional] CUDLe-dtlogin-config.pkg 8/19/04
Imlib2 v1.1.1 [1.0M] CUDLimlib2-1.1.1.pkg.gz 8/17/04
FreeType2 v2.1.9 [1.4M] CUDLfreetype2-2.1.9.pkg.gz 8/17/04
This build is Solaris9 on UltraSparc (Ultra1 and up) only. Should have no problems at all on all Solaris10 systems. Built without sound support. Please note that a copy of the libtool shared library is required by Imlib2 and therefore packaged with it, but only the shared lib, no other part is present.
When you first start E you will likely get an error! This is because you need to update your runtime linker (crle) paths. Use the following command to get your linker patchs fixed up: "crle -l /lib:/usr/lib:/usr/ucblib:/usr/local/lib". CRLE is the Solaris equivelent to the Linux "ldconfig". This step only needs to be done once, from there on out your taken care of.

Release: DR16.5 A long, Long Time Ago.
Enlightenment Packages for Solaris Other Apps for Solaris
Enlightenment DR0.16.5 for Solaris
Imlib 1.9.8 for Solaris
GLIB 1.2.10 for Solaris[745k]
GTK+ 1.2.10 for Solaris[9.6M]
FreeType 1.3.1 for Solaris
fnLib 0.5 for Solaris
libJPEG 6b for Solaris
libPNG 1.0.8 for Solaris
libTIFF 3.5.5 for Solaris
UnGIF 4.1.0 for Solaris
Zlib 1.1.3 for Solaris
[MD5 CheckSums and File Sizes]

Eterm 0.9 for Solaris
The GIMP 1.2 (Stable) for Solaris[40M Compressed]
XMMS 1.2.6 & OggVorbis rc3[10M Compressed]
GKrellM (link)


How to Install and Setup E, including dtlogin
Notes on The GIMP for Solaris
Notes on XMMS and OggVorbis for Solaris
Instructions on using TrueType fonts in Solaris
Working with Sun Video Cards
Xsun +xinerama on Ultra5 Screenshot

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These packages are all Z compressed, so your don't need to install GNU Zip to use them. ALL packages are need to get Enlightenment working. These packages work on the following platforms: Solaris 2.6, Solaris 7, Solaris 8.
These packages will work on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, and on sun4d, sun4m, and sun4u arch's.

For a glimpse of DR17, currently in heavy development under CVS, check out cuddletech's Enlightenment DR17 page. Please note that DR17 will, for the moment, ONLY build on Linux.