Welcome to the Cuddletech SmartOS Dataset Repository. Here you will find ready to use images to use on your SmartOS system. My goal is to make it exceptionally easy for you to get going with SmartOS's amazing virtualization capabilities. Please be sure to read the README for each dataset, inside are step-by-step instructions on how to use them.

Getting Started

To get started, add the repository URL to /var/db/imgadm/sources.list, such that it looks like this:

Once done, update your local cache and view the available images:
[root@00-26-b9-5c-dd-75 ~]# imgadm update
updating local images database...
Get https://datasets.joyent.com/datasets/...
Get http://cuddletech.com/datasets/...

[root@00-26-b9-5c-dd-75 ~]# imgadm avail
UUID                                 OS      PUBLISHED  URN                    
d9fe13aa-c12a-4bce-8a13-87150904ea28 minix   2012-08-06 smartos:cuddletech:minix3_2.0:1.0.0
a4428be4-8462-4d48-9515-79ce3083b201 haiku   2012-08-06 smartos:cuddletech:haiku_r1_alpha3:1.0.0
45e0fa58-db5e-11e1-a1f0-df041127b335 smartos 2012-07-31 sdc:sdc:mongodb:1.3.0  
93ae1e02-da76-11e1-9e01-a3e8dd3b47e0 smartos 2012-07-30 sdc:sdc:standard64:1.0.4
8da4bc54-d77f-11e1-8f6f-cfe8e7177a23 smartos 2012-07-27 sdc:sdc:base64:1.7.1   

Please note: At this time, you can use dsadm and imgadm commands interchanagably. In the future dsadm may be depricated, so we'll avoid it here.

If you can see "cuddletech" in your list, your ready to go! Now go to the README for one of the datasets below and you'll be guided through the process of importing and starting up the instance.

Available Datasets

URN Type Release Date Description Dataset Manifest README
smartos:cuddletech:haiku_r1_alpha3:1.0.0 KVM 2012-08-06 Haiku R1 - Alpha3 haiku-r1alpha3-1.0.0.dsmanifest Haiku README
smartos:cuddletech:minix3_2.0:1.0.0 KVM 2012-08-06 MINIX 3.2.0 minix_R3.2.0-1.0.0.dsmanifest MINIX3 README
smartos:cuddletech:plan9:1.0.0 KVM 2012-08-07 Plan 9 from Bell Labs (8/7/12) plan9-1.0.0.dsmanifest Plan9 README


I am not responsible for any damage, confusion, chaos, brawls, or anything else that results from the use of these datasets. They are purely provided for your personal pleasure. They are not intended for production or commercial use. Any OS's or software contained therein is likely covered by its own license(s) for which you are directly responsible. Nothing expressed or provided here is supported by or the responsibility of Joyent, Inc.

These datasets are intended for personal use with SmartOS and they are not tested for or intended to be used with Smart DataCenter (SDC). I mean, they probly do, they should actually, but that is not the intention.