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01 Feb '05 - 13:34 by benr

Don't forget that Sun's Network Computing 2005 Q1 quarterly announcement is today at 2pm PST. Sadly, I've got a schedualed maintance happening this afternoon at 1pm untill whenever, so this is the first NC event so far that I won't be able to watch live. While your hearing about the Sun Grid and new gear I'm gonna be installing patches and fixing some issues on my E420R in a chilly server room (and after waiting a year to get the outage I can't put it off).

In other news, ZDNet has an interesting article entitled "Sun: Patent use OK beyond Solaris project", hopefully that will set some people at ease, but we'll see what the fallout is. As usual, in the eyes of some people out there Sun can do no right these days. For more goodies, listen to David Berlind's "IT Matters" podcast. In todays podCast he talks with Jonathan about the announcements. Just skip the first 30 minutes of it, it's all about the Grid stuff ($1/CPUhr), at about 35 minutes into it they change gears to talk about OpenSolaris and CDDL and patents. Just listen to that last 15 minues or so.

Lets hope for some good press outcome post NC today... I've got my fingers crossed, you just never know how its gonna go. Half this stuff just goes in one ear and out the other with the press, but lets wait and see what they do.

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