The OpenSolaris Community Advisory Board (CAB)

04 Apr '05 - 17:53 by benr

At long last, the CAB has been announced! Take a look at these fine gentlemen (pic brought to you by Simon):

They are from left to right: Rich Teer, Jonathan Schwartz, Simon Phipps, Roy Fielding , Al Hopper, and Casper Dik. So the actually make up of the CAB is like this:

  • External Seat #1: Rich Teer
  • External Seat #2: Al Hopper
  • Internal Seat #3: Casper Dik
  • Internal Seat #4: Simon Phipps
  • OSS Community Seat #5: Roy Fielding

We've got a good team. Congrats to all who were nominated and elected to the CAB. I was proud to be nominated for the CAB myself, there were certainly some great folks nominated but I think we ultimately came to a good group to drive us forward. For more details see the OpenSolaris CAB page, the Sun Press Release, or Simon's posting of the group shot.

I had dinner with Rich, Al, Casper, Jim and Sarah last night and feel happy about our direction. I'm going to be getting together with them again tomorow at the OSBC that Jonathan is speaking at, so if anyone has questions that they want to ask to CAB members or something, let me know and I'll hit 'em up.

- - C O M M E N T S - -

Being completely outside of all this, I did a double take seeing Sun’s CEO there—talk about cutting out the middle-men!

AC - 04 April '05 - 20:23

Jonathan is actually President and COO, Scott is still CEO and Chairman. (But he sure feels like the CEO.) You wouldn’t believe how commited Jonathan is to OpenSolaris. He’s really the big driving force, without him this wouldn’t be happening and he’s both excited and very interested.

benr - 04 April '05 - 23:42

talk about five guys who couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a roll of $100s. put this in the timecapsule under “classic nerd motif, early twenty-first century”.

b7j0c - 05 April '05 - 22:16

RE b7j0c Why not post a picture of yourself, here? We’ll put that under “person trolling on blog where no one could care less, early twenty-first century”

Anon - 05 April '05 - 22:59

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