CommunityOne ZFS Presentations

09 Oct '09 - 20:49 by benr

At CommunityOne in San Francisco I did a 2 hour "Deep Dive" on ZFS titled "Becoming a ZFS Ninja". These talks focused on creating a firm understanding of core functionality and then briefly discussed higher level functionality. Lots of time was spent on pool construction and physical layout, as those areas are often overlooked.

As always the intention is to be both entertaining and informative, so if you don't learn anything new at least you should get a laugh in there somewhere. ;)

- - C O M M E N T S - -

awesome presentation. i like how personable your talks are.. makes it that much easier to enjoy.

Derek Crudgington (Email) (URL) - 10 October '09 - 03:49

A really good presentation. I think on slide 17 it should read
... mirror c0t0d0 c1t0d0 mirror c0t1d0 c1t1d0 ...
when creating the zpool (in order to mirror across cotrollers).

Joerg Fasolack (Email) - 12 October '09 - 18:04

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Andrei Tokarev (Email) - 14 October '09 - 01:17

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An one point you talk about a file zfs config but I couldn’t make out its location could you please tell me where it is kept.
Really liked the presentation even if I nearly went blind trying to read the commands you typed in :-)
Cheers Paul

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M65 Jacket (Email) (URL) - 21 January '10 - 02:25

Hello, Ben.

I hovered over your PDF presentation in search of an educator’s insight (i.e. – how to best tell about the technology I use for several years now), and your work is quite good in that, I did find some things for clarity, thanks.

I wanted to clear out a few factual wrinkles and/or suggest improvements:

1) See comment above about page 17 typo

2) Page 32: an important type of local ZFS volume is a “swap” partition. As well as a separate “dump” partition in recent developments of default ZFS root.

3) Page 39 states that a pro-moted clone becomes an autonomous dataset. I think this statement is misleading, because, for example, no new data is copied on the disk media.

From my experience (check with “zfs get origin”) it just becomes a new root of the graph. That is, all snapshots change parents to become intermediate snapshots of the pro-moting ex-clone, and the original dataset changes its origin becomes the ex-clone’s clone. In effect this the just shifts focus of “requirement to recursively delete snapshots” of one of the clones.

4) Page 47 states that Sharing via SMB “relies on Samba”. If that implies the Open-Source project Samba, this seems wrong: Sun implemented a kernel-side CIFS server in order for it to be more closely tied with ZFS, ACLs and other such particulars, and this caused some blog/forum grudge with Samba developers at that time.

5) Page 56 misses info that TXG syncs can also occur when a critical amount of outstanding writes is cached (i.e. streaming writes of lots of data), and this amount in MB’s can be tuned. Which in particular improves responsiveness of the system (otherwise locked while the full 30-second cache is spooled to disk) in exchange for possibly slightly better average throughput on a very jerky system.

6) I think page 57 also misses “zpool iostat”, while, I confess, I knew little of “fsstat”.

Thanks a lot for the blog and your own and your visitors’ opinions, and I hope you’d clear up the spam mess (unix quiz Captcha questions?) because the current system really sucks. Sorry about using “pro-mote” in text and such forced typos ;)

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