"Is Oracle getting ready to kill OpenSolaris?" FUD

13 Jul '09 - 21:57 by benr

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is at it again. The publishing game isn't really about how good your writting is, just how many people read it. If you look at Steven's articles you'll notice they all have that ridiculous tabloid "the sky is falling!" flare to them. It gets readers, nothing more. And if you've come across todays FUD which just got posted to Slashdot, Is Oracle getting ready to kill OpenSolaris?, I just want to help reassure you.

There are a great number of misconceptions in that article. The first is that Solaris and OpenSolaris are separate things. They can appear that way, but they aren't. The "OpenSolaris" staff, that is people dedicated simply to it, is minuscule and mostly dedicated to builds and website and infrastructure. The real development team is working on Nevada, which is the basis of SX:CE and OpenSolaris. There is a team that works on back-porting and sustaining Solaris10 releases as well. So in some sense its wrong to refer to development of either Solaris or OpenSolaris, since the reality is that the real development is in the middle.

Considering the current roadmap, which was really poured out publicly at CommunityOne SF, OpenSolaris will be the next Solaris. The Sun roadmap has been, for a very long time, to keep Solaris10 around in perpetual update mode and to transition everyone into OpenSolaris. In otherwords, there is no Solaris 11.

So to get back to the point, is Oracle going to kill OpenSolaris? No.

Now, it is possible that what Oracle may do is dramatically alter the roadmap, especially from a branding perspective. Like it or not, Solaris still has more market brand value than "OpenSolaris". It is entirely possible that Oracle may decide that OpenSolaris is introducing too many changes, such as the new installer and ZFS root and new package system, and decide to release Solaris 11 which would look very much like Nevada SX:CE... thats entirely possible. While IPS and the Caiman Installer are revolutionary, they introduce a lot of change which translates to pain for large established shops, and they still aren't actually ready for true enterprise deployment.

As for the more general issue of fearing the great and mighty Oracle... not much has changed. There is a lot of fear and uncertainty. I've talked to perhaps hundreds of Sun employees since the deal was announced, at all levels of the company... universally people say the same three things:

  1. They wish Sun was going to stay independent
  2. They were surprised by the deal, there was no warning. (People were pretty prepared for IBM, like it or not, but there was no advanced warning of Oracle.)
  3. They aren't sure whats going to happen exactly, but they don't think it'll be as bad as people are making out.

Almost everyone is glad that if they had to be acquired it was Oracle rather than IBM. Also, there is a huge undercurrent of rage toward Jonathan and Scott, particularly Jonathan. Opinions on Jonathan have varied throughout the years, but within Sun people errored on the side of optimism and trust... no longer. Finally, people know layoffs are coming but vary between estimations of 20% to 50% of the total workforce, but the only people that I've met that are really nervous are folks who have a spouse that's already out of work. In general there is a "wait and see" approach.

So Solaris isn't going to die. OpenSolaris isn't going to die. Things may be redefined a bit, but that's it. As I've said before, like it or not, Oracle will probably do more to save Solaris than to hurt it.

- - C O M M E N T S - -

Thanks for your post Ben…

We have come to expect such uninformed speculation SJVN, ComputerWorld have no credibility in my eyes due to the fact that they let him publish under their mark.

I very much doubt Oracle would throw out an OS to which they own full copyright and all of the inherent flexibility in favour of an OS where they must tie themselves into the GPL license and have much less control.

Che (URL) - 14 July '09 - 01:24

Thank you for a dose of sanity after reading that breathless, sensationalistic piece of yellow journalism

Jonathan (Email) - 14 July '09 - 02:49

Thanks for the enlightenment.

After spending first half of 1990’s in MS-DOS development, second-half of 1990’s in Linux development, and the first 8 years of this new millenium in MS-Windows development, I found “peace” once I trialed (then later switched to) OpenSolaris/SunStudioExpress platform for my C++ application/algorithm developmental work.

However, like the Vaughan-Nichols article, I’d come across articles sort-of implying “Linux is the only go” (at least for UNIX-type systems) that would sometimes give me the impression that OpenSolaris might have a shaky future.

Then again, I keep thinking that during the early days while Linux was growing from someone’s bedroom and entering through the back (“hidden”) door of a company, Solaris was battling in the commercial scene where you had to have a strong quality of service.

Again, thanks for the enlightenment.

Cade Foster (Email) - 14 July '09 - 04:12

Thank you for working to help stop that fud. The Linux vultures are circling and it’s good to see people in the community refute them. The future is uncertain but we know Solaris will continue.

The hate for Jonathan exists outside of Sun as well. I’m a Sun customer not an employee but I view him as the most worthless, spineless, shitstain who couldn’t find his ass with both hands and a flashlight. This entire situation is his fault. I don’t usually try to Monday morning quarterback and say I could have done a better job but in this case I could have because if nothing else I wouldn’t have just laid down and surrendered.

In 5 years we may or may not view the Oracle buyout as a bad thing but an IBM buyout would have been catastrophic; it would have been a repeat of the destruction of Tru64 and Alpha. We know that disagreements over executive compensations were the only reason that the IBM deal didn’t go through. So the only reason we weren’t betrayed earlier was haggling over how many pieces of silver Jonathan wanted for Sun.

Jack - 14 July '09 - 06:53

Great entry – thanks Ben!

Grant - 14 July '09 - 09:09

I agree that Windows 7 is much better Windows. I am primarily an Ubuntu user, with a little BSD and an occasional OpenSolaris sprinkled in (still struggling with hardware support). I keep one Windows box around, mostly for gaming, but also for .NET development when called for. I even ran Windows 7 on my Netbook and it felt pretty snappy, more so than the XP-home that it came with (day-to-day, I run EeeBuntu on it).

I disagree with the “Windows was never cool” comment. That is not true. Windows 3.1 was revolutionary for many. After using DOS, for many, it really made them more productive. Does anyone remember the craze when Windows 95 was released? It was truly a “rock star” moment. Things have gone downhill since.

I also disagree that Windows 98 was the last interesting OS from Microsoft. 98 was actually kind of boring – just an spiffed-up 95. Windows 2000 was revolutionary. It took the rock-solid NT Kernel and put the friendly, plug-and-play inteface of 9x on top of it. I believe Windows 2000 will go down as the peak of Windows development. Lean, mean, stable, powerful. XP did to 2000 what 98 did to 95. It morphed the GUI a bit, but not necessarily in a better way. 2000 was so clean!

However, I do agree with the comment about Windows releases of late as being boring. New Ubuntu releases, Fedora, BSD, even Mac are much more interesting. Really, the excitement just seems to have left the Windows world. Sure, 7 will come out, and many will use it. I purchased the $99 pro upgrade for my 1 Win box – it seemed like a fair price. However, the buzz is gone. I don’t think they can get it back.

Lastly, never count Microsoft out. Just like IBM did, they can re-invent themselves. If Linux, or FOSS is the way to go, they can transition themselves almost over-night. It may actually be funny someday to see Microsoft pretend that they invented this whole “Open” things. I’m looking forward to it!

Tom Dison (Email) (URL) - 14 July '09 - 15:38

One thing that comes to mind reading the print version of that magazine is that 40% of the pages are ads by IBM.

And they have a long tradition of putting down Sun/Solaris. I am not surprised with the FUD emanating from there…

implicate_order (Email) (URL) - 14 July '09 - 18:41

I don’t think Jonathan is all that guilty. Think his hand was tied by Scott and that he just danced when Scott pulled the strings…

Thommy M. MalmstrÃœm (Email) - 14 July '09 - 19:45

Ben, I always like reading your opinions about Sun and OpenSolaris, and I actually learned a lot about ZFS and Solaris system administration by reading your blog. One thing you can say to the people who spread FUD is this: Oracle has owned the InnoDB storage engine that powers a majority of enterprise MySQL deployments for a while now, and they have continued to support and develop InnoDB and never used their control over it to try to hurt MySQL or otherwise damage the MySQL community. Ted Dziuba did a pretty hilarious (and offensive) analysis of Oracle’s relationship to Sun, Linux and MySQL that I thought counters SJVN’s FUD arguments very nicely at The Register if you want to check it out (the part where he poked fun at “Unbreakable Linux” was especially humorous IMO):

page 1:


page 2:


system5 (URL) - 22 July '09 - 04:21

@Jack – I think your criticism of Jonathan is a bit harsh – do you really know that the IBM deal fell through because of executive compensation issues, or do you just assume that to be the case based on the typical sensationalist reporting that stated the facts as such (because it makes for more reading – exactly the point that Ben is railing against) ?

I don’t think you can know anything for a fact unless you or someone close to you have been in those discussions.

Secondly, I’m not sure what choice Jonathan had but to put the company up for sale. It is easy to say ‘fight on’ – but SUN is a public company and being the CEO means you have a fiduciary duty to put the shareholders interests first. The shareholders felt that this is the best way forward cause the vote was unanimous in favor of proceeding. I think you are seriously discounting the shareholder pressure on Jonathan and the rest of the board.

Third point – after trying many different strategies (none of which worked) the fact is that SUN has been slowly sinking for some time (not its technology, but its presence and success in the marketplace) – it is clear that there is some sort of stigma clinging to SUN in the marketplace ever since the dot com days that it has been unable to recover from. So how does fighting on and just keeping on doing the same things change that ? If anything, it will just delay the inevitable. To fix SUN you would probably have to make some drastic changes that will probably make you hate the CEO that made the changes.

Sun really needed someone to come in from the outside to shake up the place and make it relevant again, i don’t believe for a second it could’ve come from within the organization, i just think the marketplace would not have taken it seriously (as has been the case with all the strategies up to this point)

If you want to blame someone, you should probably blame Scott – he allowed the life to be sucked out of SUN a long time ago and he basically handed Jonathan a ‘dead albatross’ (again from a market perspective, not technology perspective)—the situation is very similar to the IBM situation in ‘93, except that they had a phenomenal CEO in Lou Gerstner coming in and with a fair amount of luck (and much better market environment), managed to turn it around—but he made a lot of painful changes, something SUN has resisted for a long time – hence the current situation.

Point is, Scott should’ve handed over the reins to someone else much earlier and probably to an outsider.

If Jonathan is to blame for anything, it is probably that he was not radical enough in terms of drastically changing the organization and culture (to be less technology focussed and more market focussed and it remains doubtful whether he would’ve been able to pull it off and also he would have been blamed for that by the SUN faithful – really a lose-lose situation for him)

anyway, just an outsider’s opinion…

Morne - 25 July '09 - 19:28

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