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What we won't discuss

There are several subject we will not be discussing in this paper. These topics include writing agents or sub-agents, writing MIB modules, trap generation and trap sending, synchronous vs asynchronous SNMP coding, and MIB parsing.

Something that scares new or inexperienced coders away from the Net-SNMP documentation is the seemingly constant reference to synchronous and asynchronous applications. Don't be afraid, thats referring to applications that can't afford to sit and wait for a response. If your application needs a non-blocking method of handling SNMP traffic, use the asynchronous interface (eg: GUIs, Threads, Forking, etc). Otherwise, just stick with the synchronous interfaces for typical use.

Lastly, this document addresses the use of Net-SNMP on UNIX systems only. Please refer to the Net-SNMP website for information regarding development on Win32.